Do you need an advisor to help you clearly understand difficult mobility issues? We offer you an independent advice based on a thorough knowledge of the mobility market and place your organisation at the heart of our advice. Our advisors will ensure that you receive the right mobility service at the right price. Not just today, but also in the future.

Policy and organisation

The consultants from Fleet Support have the knowledge and experience to support and advise you regarding the policy and organisation of your fleet. They do this based on a potential and strategy assessment. We give you a better understanding of where you can improve, what you can save, and advise you in the strategy to be implemented.

Purchasing and setup

The offer is plentiful, but which leasing company can offer you the best service provision now and in the future? And at the right price? And will you retain the offered price and service level in the long term?
Fleet Support gives you independent advice and support in choosing and purchasing from a leasing company and maintaining the agreed price and service level. We can also support you in a European tender. We have years of experience with these complex procurement processes.

The journey to success

We view a consultancy assignment as a joint journey to success. Our approach starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation; what is your current policy, what is the current price level, what is your current management form. It is important to establish a clear starting point. Together with you, we then look at the desired destination; the objectives to be achieved. Reducing costs, implementing a mobility budget, making your car scheme more sustainable. In our experience, there are often several roads that lead to Rome, so together with you, we determine the right route to the desired result. How do we do this? We are happy to explain this to you in a personal conversation.

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Your challenges

Potential assessment

Is your coststructure in line with the market?



Savings should never be destrimental to quality. We help you with that.

Strategy determination

Is your policy still future-proof?



We advise you about the right route to achieve your objectives.

Supplier selection

Are you looking for the right supplier(s) that fit your policy?


Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help you in making the right choice.

Secure Lease rates

Do you apply: a deal is a deal?



We offer you the control of your price agreements during the entire term of your contract.


What is your roadmap to a 100% electric fleet?


We are your guide and will navigate the best route for your company.