A mobility budget fits today’s changing society. The labour market is becoming more and more flexible and the importancy of a company car as a employee benefit is reducing.  For sure it is no longer a determining factor in the choice for an employer.  The employee of today requires a smart and flexible interpretation of his mobility.

Sustainable mobility

In good weather conditions, an employee might like to use his bike. On long journeys he wants to use the car and if the employee is in the city, he wants to use public transport. Today’s employee chooses the mode of transport that suits him. The sustainability of the type of transport also plays a major role in the personal choice.

The mobility budget supports the trend of more flexible transportation. Within a mobility budget, the employee receives an annual budget, in which he or she makes his own choices for all types of business mobility. This can also be attractive for tax purposes.

The journey to the successful implementation of a mobility budget.


In this phase, you think about (among other things):

  • Making your current mobility policy transparent; which car scheme do you apply today, which costs can employees declare (travel costs, parking costs, etc.), but also other factors that affect your total cost of mobility.
  • Do you have the right insights into what your stakeholders want and does this connect to your desired change.
  • Do you have insight into how the types of mobility you offer are being used.

We help you to understand the actual need for the various forms of mobility. Which is the right start to be able to formulate your objectives.


Based on a business case, a users case and the green case, we determine the desired change together with you. What is your objective of the desired change: cost savings, improving user satisfaction, making your policy more sustainable, or perhaps a combination of these factors.

PHASE 3: determine the right route

There are always several ways to reach your goals. We advise you which route best fits your specific objective and support you in the implementation. 

The budgetting module of YOR24

The budgeting module of YOR24 helps you get the most out of your budget. The module keeps track of your budget and ensures that you meet the tax requirements, so that you can benefit maximally from the tax benefits. Through the direct link with various HR and ERP systems, YOR24 ensures that payments to the employee are made timely and correctly.

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