Having a fleet costs money. Everyone knows that. But what exactly are these costs and what are the possibilities for savings? To determine this, Fleet Support carries out a potential assessment of your fleet in order to make clear what you can save.

Our experience: an average savings percentage of 16%!


Has your organisation signed the most favourable contracts? Are new lease forms perhaps more interesting due to new laws? How can fines and additional charges be avoided? How much time to your own employees spend on fleet management, and is there a smarter way? Is a little external help desirable, or is full outsourcing perhaps even more efficient and therefore cheaper? What about your cost level? How are your operational processes running? Have you implemented the right control processes? These are many questions, and all of them are decisive for your fleet costs. The experts of Fleet Support can make them clear for you, including the answers. This way, you know what costs you can immediately save on.