How do you check the agreed price level of your leasing company? Does your leasing company actually comply with the fixed price agreements in practice? Lease Rate Monitor provides you with a unique benchmarking methodology in order to check whether your lease rate is in line with the market and matches the agreements made during the quotation or tender phase. Lease Rate Monitor ensures price transparency, which can result in significant savings over the course of the cooperation with your supplier(s).


Fleet Support checks whether your leasing companies actually comply with the fixed price agreements from the Price Level Agreement in practice by:

  • Benchmarking the risk components of residual value and repairs, maintenance, and tyres
  • Assessing all used lease calculations to prevent cost increases
  • Assessing recalculations, which usually yields a 10% return improvement
  • Checking the fixed calculation components from the lease rate

In case of deviations, Fleet Support asks the leasing company for explanation and directs it to correct this deviation. Depending on the agreements made in the Price Level Agreement, adjustment and/or settlements takes place.