When purchasing and designing your fleet, we provide you with independent advice and support in the selection of suppliers, setting up and checking the Service and Price Level Agreements, and we take care of the process surrounding European tenders for you.


Fleet Support is your partner in finding the best supplier and the best rate that fit your organisation. Both during the selection and the negotiations with the suppliers, you can rely on our knowledge and experience. After all, getting the best rate is important, but the service you receive for it is also essential in choosing a supplier.

That is why Fleet Support assesses the offers of the various suppliers at a detailed level and based on the wishes and requirements you have set. We know what to look for in procurement processes to keep long-term risks as low as possible for you. That is why we look critically at all aspects of the service provision, so that you get the best service at the best price. Best Value Procurement is central to this.


Good procurement is one thing, but maintaining the achieved savings is another. Fleet Support helps you realise the savings and maintain them in the long term by formulating clear and concrete agreements between your organisation and the leasing companies. For instance, these may concern the division of tasks, the exchange of data, or the accountability of the service provision.

We know how the leasing companies work and are able to quickly and practically translate the main (procurement) agreements into a comprehensive cooperation agreement. This gives you clarity and footing for the duration of the contract. And our services do not end there: we also support you in the implementation of the associated processes.


If your organisation needs to select the supplier through a European tender, Fleet Support can assist you in this. Our organisation has years of experience with these processes.