Electrification of your fleet brings several important choices on policy and managerial level. Specifically, the mapping of the current situation and determining the forces within and without the organisation, helps with a smooth transition to a electric fleet and creates the right foundation for such a change. Successfully leveraging an electric fleet depends on several important developments which contribute to the ease of use and possibilities of electric driving.

Fleet support is specialized in supporting the transition to an electric fleet. With all the required expertise on board you are insured of up-to-date knowledge and professional consultancy to bring a smooth and efficient transition for both you, the organisation, but also your employees. As independent knowledge partner we will support you in your route to a sustainable and electric fleet.

With regards to electrification we advise on the following topics:

  • Procurement
  • Cost development
  • Fiscal legislation
  • Mobility scheme/policy
  • Charging
  • Availability
  • Sustainability calendar
  • Leveraging your fleet

Would you like to know more? Download our whitepaper: (sorry, only available in Dutch) Een effectieve route naar een 100% elektrisch wagenpark

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