Fleet Support can temporarily support you in eliminating overdue work, dealing with peak moments, temporarily replacing the fleet management due to a vacancy, vacation, or illness, or supporting the fleet manager in change processes.

A helping hand at three levels

It is not always easy to find personnel that directly productive for your organisation. Especially when specialist knowledge is required. A challenge for you, especially if an employee becomes ill, goes on leave, or if there is an unexpected peak in workload. With our On-site Fleet Management service, you can immediately provide fleet management with extensive expertise in the field of mobility. In addition to the ‘extra hands’, our specialists can help you manage your fleet more effectively or modernise your policy. In order to meet your demands as well as possible, we offer services at three levels: the Operator, the Specialist, and the Project Manager.


If you have suffered delays in managing your fleet due to circumstances, you can call in the assistance of an Operator, who can be immediately deployed to assist you in the execution of all operational activities with expert knowledge. An Operator can help you with updating your administration, fulfilling all tax obligations, guaranteeing employee satisfaction, and taking care of communications between the leasing company, the organisation, and the employee.


Do you have an urgent need for a temporary and worthy replacement for your fleet manager, for instance due to leave, illness, or dismissal? A Specialist has the expertise to ‘keep things going’ and views your current processes with a fresh look, so that you can gain new insights to optimise your policy. In addition to the operational activities, the Specialist also views your processes from an overarching perspective. They analyse your current situation and identifies possibilities to work smarter, faster, or cheaper.


The improving economy, new (environmental) legislation, and the growing demand for a more flexible way of business travel cause organisations to be compelled to change their fleet policy. If you want to improve or modernise your mobility processes, but are unsure whether you can do this independently, a Project Manager may be of value. The Project Manager performs a thorough analysis of your current situation and, together with you, looks at what measures must be taken to optimise or modernise the policy. Depending on the content of the assignment, the Project Manager can help you reduce CO2 emissions, select a new leasing company, or implement of a new mobility policy.