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Fiets 19ct
19 cent still relevant today?
Untaxed kilometer reimbursement needs to be raised for cyclists Giving cyclists the same kilometer reimbursement as…
Fleet Support group is the first fleet & mobility management provider…
Technology changes rapidly. Rising internet speeds, larger data storage and higher processor speeds result in more and more…
Smart mobility
AutoBinck buys Fleet Support Groep B.V.
AutoBinck Group has boosted its Smart Mobility division with the acquisition of the Netherlands-based Fleet Support Groep BV…
IFRS 16 header
Are you ready for IFRS 16?
You have probably already heard or read about it. The International Financial Reporting Standard 16 (IFRS 16).
Lease Guide
The new Lease Guide
Smarter and more sustainable together: the new Lease Guide by Fleet Support
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
Fleet Support obtains ISO 14001 certification Fleet Support, the independent specialist in the field of fleet management,…
Nieuwsbericht On-Site Fleetmanagement
Fleet Support introduces On-Site Fleetmanagement
The temporary solution for staff shortages. Our economy is improving again. We notice it all around us. Employment is…
Fossiel denken
Do you know the impact of WLTP?
The additional taxable benefit and vehicle registration tax of a lease car depend in part on the CO2 emissions of the car…