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The temporary solution for staff shortages. Our economy is improving again. We notice it all around us. Employment is increasing, motorways are busier, vacancies are more difficult to fill, and companies are focusing on their added value.

A great time to take a critical look at your fleet management and mobility policy. Are you in full control or are you understaffed? Are you missing specific knowledge? Perhaps you have a need for support in the operational activities or are looking for someone to temporarily take over the fleet management.

Whether it concerns support for the financial and administrative fleet processes, contract and supplier management, the driver’s desk, invoice checks, or renewing the mobility policy: On-site Fleet Management provides the specialist you temporarily need.

Support when and how you want it

On-site Fleet Management offers a solution by providing you with expert staff on a temporary basis. Staff that is directly productive for your organisation. This way, you turn your backlog into a lead and can continue to guarantee quality.

What is special about our approach is that we offer On-site Fleet Management at three levels:

  • The Operator: for eliminating overdue work, support at peak moments
  • The Specialist: for temporarily replacing a fleet manager due to vacancy, vacation, illness
  • The Project Manager: for supporting the fleet manager in change processes

The advantages of On-site Fleet Management

  • Based on your specific situation and objectives, we look at what level suits you best: Operator, Specialist, or Project Manager.
  • Our staff can be deployed immediately and you can end the collaboration as soon as your personal problems are resolved or a project is successfully completed.
  • You benefit from our staff’s industry knowledge, experience, and fresh look. They transfer their expertise to your permanent employees, so that they can benefit from this in the future as well.
  • On-site Fleet Management is flexible and therefore cost-efficient.
  • You can purchase our services on location or from a distance. This way, your current processes are not disrupted and you can continue focusing on your core activities.