Did you know that approximately 3% of invoiced amounts are unjustified? This can be quite an amount and cost you a lot of money.

Do you want to keep a grip on your fleet costs? Fleet Support has the knowledge and experience to take care of the complete financial management of your fleet for you and make your mobility costs transparent and insightful. We provide you with complete, comprehensive, and unambiguous management reports and monitor the agreed quality level of your suppliers for you.

Fleet Support offers you the assurance of reliable, clear, and unambiguous management reports and booking files. Our specialised Financial Check consists of invoice checks, online cost reports, contract checks, and additional checks and reports. You can read what the different components entail below.


Invoice checks are important and require knowledge and care. That is why the invoices of your lease companies are checked:

Checking lease invoices has never been easier:

  • Legitimacy: each invoice line is checked to ensure that invoices costs relate to the contract between you and your leasing company and/or supplier and whether these costs are in accordance with the deployment period.
  • Accuracy: all invoices from your leasing company and/or fuel supplier are checked per cost category. Is the invoiced amount correct and in accordance with the agreed Price Level Agreement?

Thanks to the invoice checks, you know whether the costs charged to you are in accordance with the active fleet and whether the invoiced amounts are consistent with the price agreement within the agreement with the leasing company. You have the certainty of not incurring any unjustified additional costs.


From the invoice checks, we compile one detailed and consolidated cost report for your fleet. This cost report consists of:

  • A breakdown of costs per cost category
  • Insight into the cost development
  • Budget versus realisation
  • Driver excesses
  • Number of lease cars and rental cars

The checked invoices are delivered to your financial administration ad ready-made booking files. This saves you additional actions.


Another service within the ‘Financial checks’ are the ‘Contract checks’. During these contract checks, the fixed and variable components of the lease rate are tested.

  • Testing fixed components

In addition to the deployment date and the total price, all fixed components of each new contract are tested. The fixed components and the lease rate are separate from the use of the car, such as administration costs per vehicle per month and the management fee as stipulated in the Price Level Agreement. In case of deviations, Fleet Support asks the leasing company for explanation and directs it to correct this deviation.

  • Testing variable components

We can test the variable components for you with our ‘Secure leaserates service. This gives you the security of price transparency, which can result in significant savings for you over the course of the cooperation with your lease companies.


Fleet Support offers the possibility of expanding the Financial check with additional modules:

  • Checking and reporting public transport use
  • Policy evaluation
  • Excess investigation
  • Mobility costs forecast