You have a well-defined and clear fleet policy. The control processes are tuned watertight. But what is the effect of these measures? Evaluation and management of your fleet policy is important. You know where you stand, what the effect has been of measures taken, and what you can do to reduce fleet costs.

Fleet Support helps you with this evaluation, tests the results according for market conformity and gives you concrete advice for improving processes and reducing the costs. You can save money by adequately managing the fleet policy or car use by employees. The policy evaluation is the first step in this, the employee guidance a possible follow-up.

Policy evaluation

We evaluate your current fleet policy and provide insight into the results. This forms the basis for process improvements and policy adjustments and consist of three steps:

  • We first analyse the costs per cost category. If these give rise to adjusting the policy or processes, then Fleet Support will provide concrete advice for this.
  • In addition, we describe the measures taken in the past year and what their results are.
  • Finally, you receive an overview of the concrete savings that have been realised in the past year and we give you insight into the return on the investment in Fleet Support.

The policy evaluation gives you insight into the cost position relative to your competitors, the satisfaction of your employees, and the potential savings that can be achieved.


The car use of your lease drivers directly and indirectly affects the costs of your fleet. Fuel costs and damages are a concrete example of this. By positively influencing the behaviour of drivers, you can reduce these costs and make them manageable. Fleet Support has developed the Variable Fuel Budget and the EcoSafeDrive programme for this, among other things.

Variable Fuel Budget

The fuel budget is an incentive for the employee to be conscious about their fuel consumption and fuel behaviour. It is a virtual budget that is made available to the employee for the fuel costs of the lease car. There is a settlement of the difference between the budget and the actual costs twice per year. Of course, you determine the rules, and we provide the necessary support. Ultimately, you save fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions.


Is CSR also one of your priorities? Do you think about the safety of employees in traffic and reducing damages and accidents? With the EcoSaveDrive programme by Fleet Support, you can work on these topics together with your employees in a focused way. The results translate into a measurable reduction of your CO2 footprint and fuel, damage, and insurance cost savings. The programme consists of a Driver Risk Assessment and a Driver Self-Assessment. It can also be supplemented with road training.