Has your organisation signed the most favourable contracts? Are new lease forms perhaps more interesting due to new laws? How can fines and additional charges be avoided? How much time to your own employees spend on fleet management, and is there a smarter way? Is a little external help desirable, or is full outsourcing perhaps even more efficient and therefore cheaper?

Your fleet costs made clear

These are many questions, and all of them are decisive for your fleet costs. The experts of Fleet Support can make them clear for you, including the answers. This way, you know what costs you can immediately save on.

What is your savings potential?

Do you feel like you can save on your fleet? Or that you are running certain risks? To provide an expert and reliable advice and answer to these questions, Fleet Support will carry out a potential assessment on your fleet. The potential assessment gives you insight into how you can achieve an average reduction of approximately 16% of your fleet costs.

The potential assessment scans the most important parts of your fleet:


  • What are the costs of your fleet management?
  • Is your car scheme in line with the market?
  • Is your insurance premium in line with the claim burden?
  • How efficiently are rental cars used and how competitive are these costs?
  • What cost risk do you run?


  • How efficient is the authorisation, quotation, and ordering process?
  • How efficient is the use of rental and pool cars?
  • What risk do you run with the intake and final settlements of your lease cars?


  • How are the costs checked?
  • How are salary transactions processed, who is responsible for this, and what are the risks?
  • Checking for accuracy and legitimacy of the invoice processing and the invoice checks.

Result of the potential assessment

The potential assessment of your fleet management gives you insight into:

  • The cost-saving possibilities of your fleet (about 16% on average).
  • The market conformity of your lease rates/costs and car scheme.
  • The bottlenecks and risks of your fleet management process and the fleet administration.

We explain the result of the potential assessment and provide you with clear advice in a personal conversation. You will also receive a concrete plan of approach for improving your fleet management process, reducing risks, and realising cost savings. We can support you in this.