You want the best leasing company for your fleet at the best (price) agreements.

Which leasing company offers you the best service; now and in the future? And once the leasing company has been selected, how do you retain the offered price and service level in the long term? Everything revolves around Best Value Procurement..

Prefer not to gamble with your fleet?

Based on your wishes and requirements, we select the best leasing company (s) for your organization. Fleet Support gives you independent advice and support in choosing a leasing company and maintaining the agreed price and service level. We can also support you in an European tender. We have years of experience with these complex processes.

Gambling or knowing which leasing company is the best?

We look for the best offer in your interest. No guesswork, but certainty because we have 25 years of experience in selecting the right leasing companies for large fleets. And as an independent and impartial player, select the best party exclusively in your interest.

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